Thursday, 20 March 2014


This lifestyle magazine is targeted at a middle and upper class audience, due to it's history of using world famous models as it's main image, and the content of the cover lines. The typography of the masthead is a large, minimalist style of font, which applies to an upper class audience. Another element of class would be the fact that Vogue never expose/represent their main image models in a sexually seductive way whatsoever, giving it an element of sophistication and adult maturity.
The magazine is targeted at females in particular, as the main image is meant to be an inspirational musician, and most of the cover lines are based around female necessities and habits, such as "THE ENGLISH WOMAN NOW" the words "fashion" and "wife" also appear on the cover too.
On the basis of ethnicity, I don't think that there is any racial divider within the Vogue production, as black women have been presented as a main image for Vogue before such as this edition:

The age of the readers suitable for Vogue would range from 18 and above; it does not contain content of an explicit nature in any way, but some of the advertisements and style, fashion and name references are too advanced and expensive for most young readers to purchase or even understand.
As for religion, there seems to be no reference to it at all.

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